Living is starting a new hobby

Arttalks: 01

There on the abandon scandpage

stood a helios born side

on the plain it was

the bailturn in the overset taimcornerpage

opening the door to the perfectionroom

in darkness waiting, a lark sambling

bulloverturned awoken symantainers song

of twoway wave fullnate arouse the broken windowwatcher

with his twoteeth smile, where nolonger there the bulls

catcher pullers stood, and the situation got a place in the simular

compairing expertfood for sales, broken, stairing crowd

that slowly vanished like the horizon entertained

ther was no way one could find himself

stairing at the lifted ladder that broke into peaces

and fell on the unawared childgrown underground sailesman

he stood there

never in his sweet home there was a place so forgotten

of such a beauty

and always after their selfmade flashlight trails

in de afterglow of their awariness

a growd animalskin with downhanging drapes

came the crowd marching to their angerdreams

shouting and clapping the animals away from their stills

but still unbroken of inner strenght

one child was looking toward the morningwall

where was written:

looking makes the site you’ re living

so never again they closed their eyes

for the helios bornside in the overset taim cornerpage


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